Youth Discipleship at Holy Trinity


Christian Education

We encourage Youth to develop a sense of belonging in the church that is theirs, TODAY, to cultivate their leadership skills in and among us and to explore their Christian Identity NOW - for in Christ, we all are one.  Faith formation is approached through a variety of Spiritual practices - such as reading, singing, lessons, fellowship, activities, and service - to help our young people better understand what it means to be Christian.


Confirmation classes are provided for Middle & High School Youth in order to prepare them to become Active Members in the life of Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church.  Classes provide instruction on the history, beliefs, and structure of the church while instilling a greater sense of service and discipleship.  This class normally is for Youth who have been baptized.  However, if a Youth desires to attend Confirmation but has not been baptized, that Youth will be baptized at the same time he or she becomes an Active Member.



Youth Leadership Team

The Youth Leadership Team has a heart for the Church and help lead Worship by performing these vital functions (even if to try each just once, for the experience):

Youth Liturgists (grades 6-12):  Youth Liturgists are paired with adult mentors to share the delivery of liturgical readings during normal Worship.

Children's Church Aides (grades 6-12):  Middle & High School students may deliver Children's sermons, lead Music & Motion; and, assist in Children's Church, Vacation Bible School, and the nursery.

Youth Events

With Sponsors to accompany them, Youth may have an opportunity to participate in Youth events planned by Mission Presbytery, the Synod of the Sun, and General Assembly such as:  Mid-Winters in January, Spring Rally during the Spring, Triennium and Synod Youth Workshop during summer, and Main Event in the Fall.