Youth Discipleship at Holy Trinity

the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these - Mt 19:14

We encourage youth of all ages to develop a sense of Belonging in the church that is theirs TODAY - to cultivate their Leadership skills in and among us - and to explore their Christian Identity NOW - for in Christ, we are all one.

Youth Sunday School

Faith formation is encouraged for children of all ages through a variety of Spiritual practices – such as reading, singing, lessons, and activities – to help our young people better understand what it means to be Christian. All classes meet 9:45 to 10:45 am.

  - Grade School Classes: education wing

  - Middle School: upstairs east 

  - High School: upstairs west

  - Children's Church in library @ 11:00 am


Youth Choir

The Youth Choir benefits the whole Church as much as our young members. Singers learn about performing melody, harmony, rhythm, vocal technique, posture, breath management, diction, tone production, music reading skills, leading the congregation in a text, and how to co-operate as a team. 

  - The Cherub Choir, grades 3-5
  - Youth Instrumental Ensemble, grades 6-12


Youth Leadership Team

The Youth Leadership Team has a heart for the Church and help lead Worship by performing these vital functions (even if to try each just once, for the experience): 

grades 1-8

Did you know the word Acolyte comes from the greek word "akolouthos"? Acolytes are little angels who assist Worship by bringing the Light of Christ into and out of the Sanctuary; by carrying the Word and Communion Elements to the Lord’s Table; and assisting with Baptisms. 

Youth Liturgists
grades 6-12

Youth Liturgists are paired with adult mentors to share the delivery of liturgical readings during normal Worship. 

Children's Church Aides
grades 6-12

Middle & High School students can help deliver Children’s sermons, lead Music & Motion, supervise Children’s Church, and work in the nursery. 


We invite older youth, grades 8–12, to attend a brief Orientation about our next Confirmation Journey. Confirmation will begin with an overnight retreat early next Spring, and will regularly meet on Wednesday evenings through Lent. You can expect outreach projects, retreats, and interaction with mentors and parents - who are also encouraged to attend the Orientation.

 - Confirmation Orientation Workshop
 - Location: Upstairs Youth Room
  - The PCUSA Confirmation Catechism

Boy Scouts
Holy Trinity hosts two chartered BSA Scouting groups:

 - Cub Scout Pack 70: for boys age 8-10
 - Boy Scout Troop 70: for boys age 11-17

Scouting is a year-round program that provides life experiences for youth to become responsible citizens, develop peer-leadership skills, and work in a team environment, under the counsel of adult Scoutmasters. Younger Scouts develop these values in challenging outdoor classrooms, while Older Scouts hone skills in career-oriented programs. The troop occasionally partners with leadership at Holy Trinity to work on Scouting’s Religious Awards too. Visit a meeting on Monday night (@ 7:00 pm) to learn more, and look for Assistant Scoutmaster Patty Garza.

Youth Group
The combined Youth Group (grades 6–12) is very active and meets every Sunday,  September through May. Our meetings vary in content, but there's plenty of opportunity for Bible study, fellowship, service, and fun. The Youth Group also participates in mission trips, lock-ins, and regional retreats throughout the year.

† Who is the Youth Group?

We're a bunch of quirky Middle and High School kids called to Christian Fellowship for learning, exploring, and growing into a Spiritual relationship with our Creator - so we might serve God's people the way He does.

† What do you Believe?

We maintain a Biblical outlook in all we do. Our basic understanding of Christian values is undergirded by interaction with our parents, our pastors, Bible reading, and other mentors during all activities. We’re grateful for their unconditional care as they foster our Spiritual growth.

† What else do you do?
Our Youth Group is part of the PCUSA's Youth Connection (PYC) and Mission Presbytery's Youth Connection Committee(YCC), who connect us with kids from other Presbyterian churches across Texas and nationwide. Four-times-a-year we attend these regional gatherings:

  - Mid-Winters @ Mo Ranch (Jan)
  - Spring Rally Picnic & Service (Mar)
  - Main Event @ J-Knox Ranch (Sep)
  - PCHAS Back-2-School BBQ (Aug)

We also attend Triennium at Purdue University every 3 years, which is an AWE-inspiring gathering of 5,000+ Presbyterian youth from all across the country. See the Worship video below!

Thanks for reading our page. If you have questions. We thank God for you and look forward to welcoming you in person real SOON!

Peace be with you †